One Stop Fun!

I’m on a long road to a healthy lifestyle.  It began 7 years ago when I read the South Beach Diet book, continued as I integrated some healthy eating habits into our lives, tried Curves, tried kickboxing, learned a bit about Clean Eating, joined a CSA, and finally joined a gym.  During that time my weight and fitness have been all over the place but during the last school year I have lost 33 pounds and found that I love the gym.  As summer break starts and I near my first major goal (being ‘not overweight’), this seems a good time to put what I’ve learned in one spot thus… one stop fun!

I’m calling my blog Benched Biologist.  It’s a double entendre.  Once upon a time I worked at a bench, as a biologist, 12-15 hours a day. I was, one could say, a benched biologist. Then I had my children and became a SAHM.  As they say in sports, I was benched, so again I became a benched biologist.  These days I use my very good biology background all the time in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome!  I hope you find enough of interest to return every once in a while!


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