About Me

I am a SAHM with a PhD in biology.  When my youngest turned 10 I weighed as much as I did the day I went to the hospital to deliver her.  Enough was enough!  It was time to put all that knowledge to work for ME.  Over the next 14 months I lost 50 pounds and dropped my body fat below 25% through a combination of weight loss, strength training, and cardio.  I then set about to experience The Female Body Breakthrough (Rachel Cosgrove).  At the end of that program I was 52-54 pounds below my starting weight and had a body fat percentage under 18%.  Since achieving my goal weight 16 months ago, I’ve continued to pursue a healthy lifestyle with a balance of healthy eating, fitness, and stress management.  I created this blog to share some of the recipes I have especially enjoyed serving my family with those who are looking to expand the healthy foods they offer their own families.


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